Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ZARA's New Home Collection

Not gonna lie, I'm kinda obsessed with ZARA's home collection that is now available online. It has everything from bedding to towels to dinnerware to lounge clothing to candles to trays to rugs to drapes to mirrors and frames! So many chic and different pieces to peruse. Here are a few favorites :: 

Like what you see? Shop here
Bonus! There's a ZARA Home for Kids Collection, too!

until next time,



  1. I absolutely love Zara Home as well since they opened early in the summer here in the UK. I like ur blog as well, just felt I shld say...and I only just stumbled upon it via google images....was searching for pics of my fave nars lipstick(funny face) lol!

    1. Right?! Zara Home is great. And thank you! I'm so happy you stumbled upon my blog - welcome! :)


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