Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Few Snapshots

...just a few pic-chas!
wine at Sofia.
and hey "sisterhood of the traveling DVD", i sure had fun! ;)

my friend's Alexander McQueen!

breakfast at Sant Ambroeus on my 5-year anniversary in NYC.

i heart you, cobblestone streets.

{the invitation was traditional and didn't come with a response card
so this little lady had some fun with the reply!}

smoothie for dinner because it's too darn hot to eat anything else.

a fun little week night.
{Upper West Side, Tolani date, Grand Central Station}

angled sunset.

and our version of date night. :)
{see me in the computer screen's reflection?}


until next time,


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Marimekko Love

ooolala! check out all the vibrant colors & patterns these days over at Marimekko.

see here!

until next time,


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Don't Worry


if you know me, you know i am the queen of sap.
and i'm sensitive.
and i empathize more than the amount that's probably healthy.
and i cry a lot.
i can be staring at an empty cardboard box 
and have a sentimental thought and WAM, i'm crying. 

so here are two things that made me cry this weekend ::
(but don't worry - they were good tears!)

1. this adorable proposal

until next time,


Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

congrats! you did it! you survived another work-week!


{hint: that's your gold star and you should feel really special now.}

while most people are headed away this holiday, 
i am spending my 3.5 days off with the one & only, ms. new york city.

see... she & i are celebrating our five-year anniversary this weekend.
and we're due for a hot date. :)

:: some links for you ::

a beautiful & colorful scrap quilt.

hey it's less than $10, but if i were graduating this year and someone gave me this?
i'd love it.

are you a fan of the MomAgendas?
they have an app, too!

a pretty place setting idea.

a festive Memorial Day outfit.

ooolala, check out the pre-fall bags over at MZ Wallace

Bethenny Frankel, (our May girl), suggests this Memorial Day drink for you.

there's a new litter of shiba puppies! here is the live video stream.

write this in your heart.

until next time,


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hair Envy

:: my hair envy ::


(I definitely want to try Kate's updo!)

what's your favorite?!

until next time,


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


lately, i have tried my hardest to conceal the tiny-little-crazy-person
living inside me that is stressed to the T.J.Maxx.

she needs to go away already.

for real, yo.

so! in an effort to ignore said tiny-little-crazy-person
and dismiss her myriad of asinine and ludicrous concerns,
let's take a second and focus on some happy things - shall we?!

lately, i'm into accessories that require a second glance.

lately, i've been appreciating what naturally happens on my calligraphy scratch sheet.
(a scratch sheet is a piece of paper you use to dab excess ink off of your pen's nib.)

lately, i've had fun representing love for my alma mater.
and conveniently enough, my name! ;) 

lately, i've enjoyed living so close to the water.
(and the Chelsea Market, the Highline, and the boats!)

lately, i can't get enough fruit. yum.

and lately, this fella has made me smile nonstop.
even when he's 250 miles away.

hope you can take a second from your own stress to appreciate your happy things, too!

until next time,


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

5 Years Ago Today...

...was a very happy day!

 thumbs up!

puffy-eyed from crying all morning.

the guy who made it all possible. my dad.

this one with my mom hangs in a frame in my apartment.

love you girls.

there i am!
you know that guy i'm dating now? he took this picture. 
i'm standing in the spot where we met. :)


it's hard to believe i've been out of college a year longer than i was actually in college.
and it's a tad depressing to realize my last summer vacation was six years ago. wha?!
boy, a lot has certainly happened and changed.
it definitely makes me a little sad to think back and reminisce, 
but it also reminds me that one day i'll be thinking 
the very same thing about my current situation.

 "remember when i was living in new york city with only myself to support?"
 "remember life as a twenty-something?!"
remember when i had that silly blog?"

 as much as i miss college, i am extremely thankful for the past 5 years 
that have taught me invaluable lessons in that big ol' stage of life called
"growing up."

'cause back then?

i was clueless.

and for the record, i still am.

until next time,


Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Weekend

what is on tap for your weekend?
anything fun?!

pardon my French, but this - in three little words - explains my weekend ahead. but honestly, i'm looking forward to hunkering down and working on different projects. plus! it will distract me from the apartment hunt. how's that going, you ask? well. i found one i thought i liked, scurried to the landlord's office, and was told i could put the first month's rent down to take it off the market. and then i proceeded to have a complete change of heart (and perhaps a meltdown...) and ran away. and am so happy i just wouldn't have been a good fit. others have had exorbitant fees, no ovens (?!), have been rented hours before my scheduled viewing appointment, were scams, or are in no way better than my tiny little abode i have right now. my mom & i walked into a normal-looking building in the neighborhood last weekend and i asked the rent amount for the available studio.

$6400/month. (!!!)

"heh. ok then! i'll be going now."

i'd like to meet the person that can afford that. and ya know, flick their forehead. dear future anger management group leader, this is where it started.

for now, i will be engrossed in happy little projects that have nothing to do with my living situation. :)

oh! and here are just a few gems i wanted to share...

here are 48 things that will make you feel old.

29 unique graduation gifts ideas.

i adore this sign. my dad used to tell me that when i was a little girl!

10 YouTube hair tutorials for the ladies.

i want to make this for dinner.

sound advice for a bride & groom from the bride's parents.

someone needs to incorporate this genius idea into your next pool party.

maybe you need this on your desk at work.

all animals freak out and hide when you pull out the vacuum cleaner. well, except this one.

in honor of last weekend's run-in, here's one of my favorite scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire!

happy weekend, folks!

until next time,


Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Feel You

i feel you.

This week has been a little lacking in the sleep department.
My mother's phone rang at 6AM Monday morning notifying her that her school district was operating on a 2-hour-delay due to flooding, sounding a vibration so intense that the neighbors across the street must've heard it.
Oh, and that was after she sat up at 1:30AM and shouted,

"the light! what's THAT LIGHT?"

"That's the TV's power button, Mom."

 Tuesday morning, someone rang my doorbell at an ungodly hour (no thank you) which felt like 37 minutes after I was finally able to shut my mind off and fall asleep.

And then last night I had the most frightening (we're talkin' horror film-esque) nightmare of all time. I woke up drenched in sweat early this morning attempting to convince myself that it wasn't real. By the way, that debate always takes me longer than I think it should. 
my unyielding imagination > rational thinking

I also totally thought today was Friday. Nightmare numero dos.

P.S. my friend sent me this:

...pretty much sums it all up, doesn't it?

until next time,


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Suit Up!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6
7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

i don't anticipate seeing much of the sand or pool this summer, 
but those of you who will - this is for you! 
what's your favorite suit style?

until next time,


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Time with Mom

I wanted to share a few moments of some time spent with a certain little lady I call "Mom."
before she arrived, i arranged little goodies around the apartment.
what beautiful lilacs, i thought. 
i was so excited that my home smelled like lilacs! 
i decided i loved lilacs!
and then Mom arrived and pointed out that they're hyacinths.
see?? this is one of the many reasons we need mothers around.
they know everything.

outside at Pastis.
hard to believe she's been a mother for 45 years, right?
{friends from college stopped by who were there - loved seeing you Anne & Emily!}

us gals before brunch.

i told her to save room for dessert.
because it's a crime to go to ABC Kitchen and not have the salted caramel sundae!

afterwards, we went and played in her favorite store, Sephora.
i think i need some fake eyelashes. 
don't you?

we saw Priscilla - Queen of the Desert later that afternoon.
and boy was it spectacular.
 the costumes alone were unbelievable!

after regrouping at home, we hit up Anfora in the west village for cocktails. 
we were the only ones inside the bar - a rarity in this city - so we sat and gabbed.

and then we went on a walk by my old apartment...

and! golly, look who we ran into!
this will honestly go down in our little history book as one of my favorite memories ever.
i have never heard my mother's voice go so high as when she was telling Robin Williams how she just watched Mrs. Doubtfire again the other day.
and how great she thinks he is.
and how excited she was.

he was incredibly nice and even wished her a happy mother's day!

oh, and then she called everyone she knew. 

that night, we ate Chinese food and sipped on wine in bed. this has become one of her favorite things to do when she visits. i think it's because she would never do it at home! 
we capped off the night by sitting up and watching the 2-hour Desperate Housewives finale - one of our favorites. (can't believe it's completely over!)

i left work midday yesterday so i could see her during the afternoon.
we shopped, visited two different puppy stores (yes!), and stopped for Magnolia cupcakes.

and then we curled up and watched Father of the Bride on TV. 


thank you so much for visiting, Mom!
i already miss you.

until next time,

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