Friday, May 31, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Well that week sure flew. And also goodbye May, I guess? (How?...)

Any fun plans for the weekend? I kicked things off last night by grabbing drinks with a girlfriend (so fun), a trip to the doctor this afternoon for my 10-year tetanus booster (not so fun), met a friend's month-old baby girl (I almost passed out from cuteness overload), then came home and immediately passed out and took a nap (I'm le tired). I'm looking forward to breakfast with a girlfriend, possibly seeing this movie with Patrick, and illustrating a wedding map for a bride. I don't have any links for you today so I figured I'd list some updates instead.

+ My less-than-a-week-old nephew returned to the hospital yesterday with elevated bilirubin levels (jaundice). He was placed under an ultraviolet light and stayed overnight, but was thankfully released today. Although jaundice is common in infants, it sure was scary to think of him back in the hospital, being poked & prodded and having blood drawn. My brother sent me a picture of him under the blue light wearing a little mask over his eyes and I let out a yelp. Bless his heart! I'm so glad they're home...I know my brother & his wife are physically & emotionally exhausted. I can't wait to see them all in a week. I have many, many hugs saved up!

+ I'll be adding a couple new things to the shop soon - things I've never sold before. Excited to see what you think..!

+ We aren't moving. (right now) That's right! Cue deja vu... It's been a long few weeks filled with a breakdown or two...or seven. We've attempted to navigate all the bizarre signs that have come our way with job situations, logistics, and the terrible renting market in the summer.  When we finally found a great apartment, I left work early to see it only to be turned away since management was busy...and then we returned 2 days later and literally got stuck underground for nearly an hour while someone else signed the lease moments before we got there. Signs like that have made it pretty clear -- and as deflated as I feel by the decision to stay, I know it's for the best. My friend recently told me that things always work out more exquisitely than we plan them to, and I have to agree :)

+Since we're not moving, we're putting the money we've saved towards redecorating! GUYS, I GET TO SHOP FOR FURNITURE! But only after I get rid of, like, half the things we own. You can see some pictures of our current set-up here. I'll be sure and share some before & afters.

+It's getting closer to the time to say goodbye to this little lady blog of mine and move to my next internet "home." The website designers I've been working with are the bees knees, and I can't wait to debut what we've been up to.

Have a happy weekend!

until next time,


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekender Bags

It's that time of year!
...weddings, graduations, bachelor/bachelorette shindigs, mini-vacations, & weekend trips.

Instead of pullin' out the giant suitcase, it's always nice to have a bag that fits all you need for 2-4 days. I am not a fan of packing. In fact, I'm quite terrible at it. It makes me stressed & grouchy (ask Patrick), and I tend to pack more than I need as I fabricate scenarios where I just might need five pairs of shoes and a wool sweater at the beach. The good thing about weekender bags? Their size gives you a limit. I'm always forced to put that third extra outfit back in the closet so I can zip the sucker up. And lo & behold, I always have enough.

Do you have a favorite weekender bag? Here are some different styles I like --

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

I have #8. I've used it for countless trips and the thing is practically indestructible. Which I need. The last flight I was on required me sprinting up to the gate in order to board before they closed the door. As I grabbed my boarding pass, I heard "Ma'am! Ma'am!" and thought oh great, what now. "Where did you get that bag??! I NEED IT!" I couldn't help but smile. Yes, it's pretty great. (Pssst, MZ Wallace is having a sale right now.) I've also been eyeing the company that makes #2 & #5...their videos of what all fits inside the bags are both clever & mesmerizing. Have a look here.

until next time,


Monday, May 27, 2013

New Nephew!

The highlight of my weekend was - without a doubt - the arrival of my precious nephew, Oliver.

...check out that mohawk! 

Oliver Brian was born in the wee hours of the morning on May 26th (24 hours after labor started - my poor sis-in-law!). He weighed between 7 & 8 pounds and measured 20 inches long. He's perfect. Oliver is my oldest brother's first son, my ninth nephew, & the fourth nephew with a birthday in May! (Thank goodness for birthday calendars, right?) 

It was torture not being at the hospital with everyone, and I'm pretty sure I drove them crazy with my countless inquisitive texts. Any updates? What's happening? Will you send me a picture of the room? What does the doctor look like? What are you doing? How many inches is she dilated? I mean centimeters! (They're never going to let that last one go, by the way.)  I knew the fam was starting to feel delirious when my mom sent me pictures of my sister & other brother pretending they were in labor in the next room :)

My mom called me shouting, "He's here! He's here! 8 pounds!" but my uncontrollable shooting-out-of-my-eyeballs tears didn't hit me until my brother texted me that first picture...

Everyone is safe & sound at home; I've heard his big sister is loving her new role :) Patrick & I get to meet the little peanut in less than two weeks! I can't want to kiss those puffy cheeks and breathe in that sweet baby smell. Oh Oliver, we're so glad you're here. xoxo, Aunt Ginny

until next time,


Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Ohhh, 3-day weekend. You feel like such a gift. I could kiss you, I'm so happy you're here. Do any of you guys have fun plans? Going anywhere exciting?! I am staying put in the big apple & enjoying that rare peacefulness that occurs when the city empties out.  As crazy as it sounds, I'm secretly happy it's going to be cold & rainy the next two days. I will have an art utensil in hand for most of the time and won't feel as bad about staying inside. I'm also looking forward to reading during a hair appointment, attempting to be as least awkward as possible (a tough feat, ladies & gents) during a photo-shoot for my new website, sourcing packaging supplies (I heart stickers), & squeezing in a date or two with Patrick even though he'll be working most of the weekend as well. We have our living situation decision looming over our heads so I'll be praying we can sort through that. It's been trying to say the least. And fingers crossed I have a new nephew next week! My heart skips a beat every time a family member calls. Knowing my mother, she has completely rearranged her entire home and has scrubbed every nook & cranny. That's how Baba (what her grandchildren call her) "waits."
:: a few links for your day ::

a Moore tornado relief benefit tee.

i need to remind myself of this sometimes.

a pretty necklace.

a funny tumblr.

an awesome makeover.

can't wait!

if i had wavy hair, i'd totally try this cut.

cute sunnies.

liars. (ha!)

my love tattoos are back in stock! (the fact that nearly 16K people saved it on Wanelo made my jaw permanently drop!)

love this LWD. (little white dress)

fun placemats & napkins. (would make a great housewarming gift!)

who wants to see this incredible exhibit with me?

i leave you with this.

have a wonderful weekend!

until next time,


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Everyday Summer Makeup

1. If I was stranded on an island - well - I wouldn't care about makeup. But! If I was stranded somewhere that I needed to look awake? And I could only bring one item? This would be it. It acts as a concealer, highlighter, & magic wand.
2. On a typical summer day, chapstick is all my smackers need. These adorable eos spheres are so fun!
3. I'm a fan of skin that looks fresh & dewy, not cakey. This stuff (the illuminating kind) provides the perfect amount of coverage and gives you that summer glow. Plus! It has SPF 20. No sense in aging the one face you have.
4. Anastasia products are my favorite when it comes to eyebrows. Check out the different shades available of their brow wiz here.
5. This has been my go-to blush / bronzer combo (Orgasm / Laguna) for years. I love it.
6. I am always switching up & trying new mascaras. This brand was recently gifted to me, however, and it's my current favorite!
7. Eye-shadow wasn't in my repertoire until I met this. Packaged in a chubby stick, you simply roll it on! My favorite is the "light peachy beige" as it gives you just a subtle amount of shimmer.
8. Speaking of Clinique chubby sticks, if I want a little more color on top of my chapstick? I reach for this. It's the perfect summer moisturizing lipstick.
What products do you use for your everyday summer look?
until next time,


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A #Faireytale Wedding

my girlfriend from boarding school got hitched on Saturday in South Carolina!
it was such a fun wedding celebration.
the trip down was magical & puppy-filled (no, really. you'll see.) & the trip back was nothing short of a train wreck, but! ...everything is one big adventure when your friends are by your side.
isn't my travel companion the cutest?
speaking of cute...

look at these service babies that were on our flight! it was their first day on the job :) they whimpered & barked during take-off and it took all my might not to get out of my seat and go cuddle them.
after we grabbed a bite to eat (which included fried green tomatoes & collard greens - hello, South!),
we got dolled up for the night & headed to see our beautiful bride!
friends since '99/'00.

 mr. & mrs. fairey!!!
(one of the prettiest things i've ever seen done at a wedding.)

it was the best of nights.
the next morning, we went to the bride's mom's house for a send-off brunch.
personalized coffee cups & incredibly gorgeous rings & a house that felt like home.
we said our goodbyes (thankfully, for not too long!) and my travel compadre & I cabbed it to the an American-flag themed cab. no really, it was covered. even the driver was wearing an American flag t-shirt. yep, that's when things started to get weird.

i'll spare you all the details, but Sunday was just one of those travel days filled with de-boarding, delays, cancellations, missed flights, and you've-gotta-be-kidding-me moments. it included airport workers who were oh-so-helpful as they stared off into the distance, contemplating the color of the ceiling, or ones we proved wrong after they told us we had "zero chance" of running fast enough to make a flight. i might have looked like an injured wallaby hopping along in my wedges, but by golly we made it! the thing about traveling with a friend? you can deliriously laugh together at all the absurdities. because at the end of the day, that's all you can do!
not gonna lie - coming home to this helped, too ~
he's right - never underestimate the power of a Peppermint Pattie :)
it was a fun little weekend, that's for sure.
 ...and i'm so very happy for my friend & her husband.
may their marriage be filled with love, laughter, & great dance moves!

until next time,


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zach Sobiech

I don't know about you, but I was in need of an uplifting story tonight. Overwhelming stress in my personal life has left me downright haggard and in need of a 5-day nap before I should be allowed in the presence of others. And news like the terrible destruction left behind after the tornado in Oklahoma makes me feel both heartbroken and guilty that I'm even complaining about my silly "problems." Nevertheless, I feel like I'm walking around holding back tears. (It's my half-birthday so I can cry if I want?) Yes, I needed something to help me snap out of it.

While this story of Zach Sobiech is incredibly sad (read: find your nearest tissue box!), it's also unbelievably uplifting in its message of how we should approach our love, our life, our fleeting todays. Take a look. Perhaps it'll snap you out of any funk you're in, too.

until next time,


Monday, May 20, 2013

Last Week

just a few pics from last week ~
^ we went to a bowling birthday party at Melody Lanes in Sunset Park! so, so fun.
...and I blame those distracting flashing lights for all my gutter balls.
  • the birthday girl is just the cutest. (& sweetest.)
  • so are the newly engaged couple!
  • and so is my guy...who bowled with his non-dominant arm and still beat me. silly athlete.
^this was after seeing an apartment that was - let's just say -  no bueno.
we stumbled upon happy hour specials in a hidden Japanese restaurant where we had to remove
our shoes to enter. as crazy stressful as this apartment decision is (we have just 10 days to figure it out!), i'm thankful for happy hours & a roommate who always pushes me to laugh and look at the bright side.
"Delicate" + "Mademoiselle" // "Licorice" by essie - aka black
since I decided to practice what I preach ;)
i love when my stepdad mails me magazine articles he wants me to see.
do you have friends or family members who do that? isn't it the best?!
^one more thing that arrived in my mailbox that totally made my week. (image via)
Uppercase is my new favorite magazine!
i read it on the plane last night and took an entire page of notes because i was so inspired.
 it provided me with my new favorite definition.
until next time,

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday!

~ in honor of my girlfriend, eleanor
who's getting married tomorrow (ahh!),
i declare today...flashback friday ~

 us girls back in high school!
 do we look young or what? 
sidenote: boarding school "proms" are weird.
10 years ago almost to the day!

i am so excited to head down south to celebrate the bride & groom (they've known each other since they were itty bitty!) and have some time with my girls. there are few things better in life than old friends.
as 'lanor would say,
have a wonderful weekend, y'all!
until next time,

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Fave App!

Do you ever wana add some pizzazz to your photos on your phone?
I bring you the newest photo-editing app from the talented & creative minds
of Elsie + Emma at A Beautiful Mess!
-- so many fun phrases & doodles & borders with which to play --
Pssst, see more on their website here & keep scrolling to see some of my examples!
some thank-you notes from my shop for a girlfriend I get to see tonight!
oh, how I wish I could take a nap right now :)
 new business cards!!!
After much thought, I decided to make them clean & crisp without any color
with hopes that the design would be sufficient on its own.
(And I'm so happy I did.)
 The new website isn't live yet so that links to my old one, but please stay tuned! ;) 
 Also, a friend (thanks, Liza!) gave me the awesome idea of just adding color as I see fit. I could color in the heart with whatever color I choose or even add glitter or washi tape. Magic! Plus! ...the card itself is so thick that nothing bleeds through. Pretty darn pumped about them!

Another thing I'm pumped about? This new fabulous app, of course. Isn't it fun?!
OMG is right.
Download it here :)
until next time,

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Home Decor

Let's daydream for a minute, shall we?
While our living situation is still a big who-knows and while I'm averaging about two panic attacks per day, I like to distract myself with pretty things. Like home decor. Because that's logical, right?
Howdy neighbor, I live on my stoop but look! Pretty bookends!
Speaking of, I'm always a fan of the little knick knacks at High Street Market. Have a look ~
(shop here!)
If you could update one thing about your home, what would it be? Mine would be the living room. As in, I want one :)
until next time,

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