Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween's Frankenstein

Remember when I mentioned my little run-in with Kris Humphries
two weeks ago?
Here's a blurry profile shot from that day.

Khloe was right. He just needs bolts sticking out of his neck.
I suppose it's fitting that Frankenstein and the faux "bride of Frankenstein" have ruined the little lady's Halloween.

I cried for you...
...and then I told you I cried for you...

...and this is what I get?
(what the Frank?!)

Reggie, Kim is wondering if you have Thanksgiving plans.

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Happy Halloween!

you know a witch is a good witch if she's wearing hot pink shoes. ;)

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hair & Nails

So, I decided to mix things up last night...
by getting my hair chopped to a shoulder-length bob with side bangs!'s amazing how good a fresh haircut can feel, yes?

I also treated my nails to some love.
I wish I had a "before" picture to show you the difference...they were in terrible condition from the solvents I use in the letterpress studio.
(I'm talkin' straight up scary.)

"San Tan-tonio" by O.P.I.

{side note: people assume everything is more expensive in NYC, but a manicure? $10!}

Are you in need of a hair update, too? Here are the 11 hottest haircuts for women right now, according to Allure Magazine. Also, here are 10 fall hair ideas, 31 new hair ideas, and 10 easy date-night hair ideas.

Here is a video of Lauren Conrad showing how to make a fishtail braid.

Do you have a big event coming up? Or do you need inspiration for how to wear your hair on your wedding day? I think these are gorgeous!

P.S. A candy corn manicure for Halloween.

until next time,


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Smiles & Projects

things that make me smile:
skyscrapers disappearing into fog
breakfast of champions
a 13-wk-old Bernese Mountain Dog I almost stole saw on the street
drinks with a friend at Lure Fishbar


some of my recent projects:
(I will have more to share soon!)
i am a proud new owner of a "do not bend" stamp.
colorful calendars
trick or treat? ;)
postcard stamps!
until next time,


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Recipes

I participated in a pumpkin bake-off yesterday. Let's face it, some of the best things about this time of year are the pumpkin-flavored goodies!

What did I make? Chocolate-chip pumpkin muffins.

I blogged a recipe for them here last year, but this year I used the recipe on the back of the Pillsbury pumpkin bread box (looks like this) and tossed in a bunch of semi-sweet chocolate chips.

so easy!

I wanted to share two of my favorites from yesterday:

Check out this pumpkin lasagna recipe. (deeeee-lish!) It would be a great alternative entree for Thanksgiving, dont you think?

The most decadent recipe? ...pumpkin bread pudding with caramel sauce. That's right. Love on a plate.

recipe from the fabulous Linda & Harriett

P.S. five pumpkin recipes I want to try:

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dressed-up Doggies!

This Saturday was the 21st annual Tompkins Square Park Dog Parade and I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures from Gothamist.

how funny are these?!

images via

To see more, click here.

Do you have a favorite? I can't decide!

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A Monday Reminder

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Fun

 "arm party" from earlier this week.

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend? I'll be working on art projects both days again, but I can't complain as I have two fun weekends right around the corner. hard then play hard. :)

I still wanted to share a few things with you today!

I love this lamp for a side table or desk.

The grand opening of C. Wonder in Soho is this weekend! Check out their website and Facebook page for a sneak peek of their merchandise.

Funfetti cake batter fudge? Yes, please!

A pretty coat.

Check out the new Indego Africa products. (Remember when I blogged about the company here?) I love the new ornaments.

Want new sunglasses, but don't want to spend a fortune? Check out the awesome collection at Urban Outfitters.

How to read laundry symbols: (um, I don't know about you, but I needed this a long time ago!)

A magnetic makeup board? Brilliant.

75 uses for baking soda.

These are great to remove sweater pills and fuzz. (a great stocking stuffer, too!)

I leave you with this:

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'm Inspired: Caitlin McGauley

I'm inspired by countless people and their talents.
Today's inspiration?
Caitlin McGauley
You might recognize her colorful watercolor illustrations from
McGauley used to work as a textile designer for Ralph Lauren
before focusing on her own work starting this year.
She lives in Chelsea in NYC; here are some samples of her work:

images via

Lovely, yes?
To learn more about the artist, please visit her website.

until next time,


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Etsy Find: Laonato

aren't these fun little dainty pieces?

images via

 Most of the items are between $14 and $20.
To shop Laonato, click here.

until next time,


Monday, October 17, 2011

These Boots Are Made for Walkin!

until next time,


High & Low of the Weekend

Hello! How was your weekend?

Mine was busy, but good. I'm here to share my high & low moments from the past few days:

We'll start with the low...

low moment: I spotted Kris Humphries on 5th Ave after work on Friday and followed him (duh, that's what you do when you spot a celeb) until we were both waiting to cross the street. I told him that his wedding was beautiful (to which he replied, "thank you", as that's a normal comment from a stranger). Then I told him that I cried "so hard" while watching it. Whatever, I have overactive tear ducts (slash I'm the biggest sap there ever was). He was giant. And hearing his dopey-man-voice in person was surreal. And hearing his dopey-man-laugh after I told him how emotional I got during my four-hour E! Kardashian Fairytale Wedding marathon was embarrassinggggggg.

high moment: I finished printing my chevron plate with a different color for every month!
{my last printing step will be adding names of the month.}

In addition, I started a drawing project for a client that I'm very excited about. It was an art-filled weekend, folks!

Also, here's a quote for your Monday:

{this was on the front of a card I received from a dear friend.}

Have a smile-filled week!

until next time,


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Two Years!

thanks so much for reading!


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Friday, October 14, 2011

Hello, Friday!

What are you up to this weekend? I will be attempting to get my life in order, spending most of my time working on various art projects. I hope my favorite Vandercook press is roarin' to go!

For now, Little Lady would like to share some fun...

a friend and I checked out the new fro-yo spot in Chelsea called
Flavaboom the other night. Forget Pinkberry - this is my new favorite!

Japanese clothing line, UNIQLO, is opening its biggest location in the world today on 5th Avenue at noon. They're featuring many discounts to celebrate their opening. For example, their denim will be on sale for $9.90 (yes!) until October 30th. Also, according to Refinery29, the first 30,000 customers will receive a free tote.

Check out the October/November New York edition of Adore Home Magazine.

Kick off fall (and your tastebuds) with a Field-to-Fork Outdoor Culinary Festival at Brooklyn's Borough Hall tomorrow, October 15th.

A friend of a friend wrote The History of the World According to Facebook that was released earlier this week. The author is hilarious. Buy it here.

A cute monogrammed school bag.

The original film and vintage camera formulas for your favorite Instagram filters.

I need to try these caramel-stuffed apple cider cookies immediately.

I think this is the coolest iPad decal ever.

Christmas is 10 weeks from Sunday................................................

(I'm waiting for you to wrap your head around that little tid bit.)

What's the best way to start preparing? Make a list. This notepad might make it more fun.

I leave you with this quote.

until next time,


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Halloween Costumes

It's that inevitable question this time of year...

image via
What are you going to be for Halloween?

I still remember my baker's costume winning an award in elementary school. Come to think of it, I still use the exact same wooden spoon I carried to, ya know, stir my SpaghettiO's. That fantasy clearly wasn't an accurate premonition.

{insert heavy sigh}

I've dressed up as everything from Patty Mayonnaise to Bella Swan to Thing 2. We've all scoured the internet and seen others' ideas, but it always still feels like a difficult I wanted to share some of the ideas I've seen & heard:

One suggestion is to just think back and pick out some of your favorite (or just ridiculous) movies, TV shows, etc. and dress up as a character or with a group of characters.

the Addams Family

a Double Dare Team

the Kardashians

the cast from Jersey Shore

the characters in the game, Clue.

Mary Kate & Ashley

Rocky & Bullwinkle

I bet Charlie Sheen will be a popular choice this year. (Wear khaki shorts, a two-toned bowling shirt, high socks and loafers. You need dark brown shaggy hair. Give yourself bushy eyebrows. Carry a bottle of "Tiger Blood" and say "winning!" a lot.)

You can also just be totally random.

Dress up as a tourist and wear a Hawaiian floral shirt, a camera around your neck, carry a giant map, and have a look of utter confusion.


Dress up as static cling and wear all white clothes and have random clothes (socks, etc) and dryer sheets safety pinned to you.


Dress up as Smartie Pants and hot glue Smarties candies to a pair of old pants and wear nerd glasses.

Dress up as the Hamburglar. Take some white pajamas and make wide horizontal stripes on them with a black marker or tape. Add a wide-brimmed black hat with a yellow hatband, a black cape, some red sneakers, red gloves, and a red tie with hamburgers on it. Wear a bandit mask (cut eye holes in a piece of black fabric and tie it around your face). Carry a McDonalds bag with a burger inside.

If I were a boy, I'd dress up as Dexter Morgan. (I finished season 1 of Dexter earlier this week and am seriously obsessed!)

Here are some neat costumes for kids.

Want to dress up with your dog? Do this.

Nothing cuter than babies in costumes. (My favorite dad/baby costume idea is Man in the Yellow Hat and Curious George!)

And when all else fails, dress up as the little lady in the big apple. ;)

until next time,


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