Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Photo Love

recent pic-chas:

my Laurel Denise planner for work.

"she lives life in her own little fairytale"

the little lady & the big guy.

boys can have arm-candy, too.
{I made the blue/orange one for good luck.}

fur & fingerless bling.


the fish at the Chelsea Gallery Diner.

not only did he lug his Christmas-gift-slippers to NYC,
but he also wore them outside.
 to a restaurant!
{he likes them! success!}

I have a strong affinity for spiked accessories these days. 

I used my January letterpress postcard
 to wish my Nana a happy birthday!

Interested in purchasing a letterpress calendar/postcard set? 
Go here.

As of now, I've sold 30 and have 15 left in stock!


until next time,



  1. thanks for blogging about the planner and fairytale bracelet!! :) your blog is the bees knees.

  2. you're welcome! (and thank you!) i just realized you're based in C'ville... i'm a UVA '07 grad. small world!

  3. This images are really cool. Good post. Keep up your work done.
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