Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in New York

The past few days? Have been magical.
There's just nothing like Christmas in New York.


i could have stared at the Bergdorf's window display all night.


you are never too old for a holiday sucker from the bank!

i heart hearts apparently?

i went to a holiday party at a friend's adorable apartment!

isn't this a creative photo display? i want to replicate!

pretty friends.

love him.

when your friend thinks to get you a ribbon holder (and pretty ribbon!) for Christmas,
they are a really good friend. obsessed!

some commissioned place cards for a friend's Christmas dinner!
'Alexander' was a fun name to write.

being silly in the cab after a girl's night.

the neighbor's window...just beautiful!

Bryant Park.
btw, that hot chocolate was the chocolate-y-est chocolate I ever did have.
which means I inhaled it.

happy holidays from the little lady & the big guy!


Patrick & I celebrated our own little Christmas last night. He completely blew me away with his gifts and thoughtfulness and I found myself feeling exceedingly...lucky. Who woulda thought that my nineteen-year-old crush and I would be trying to not kill remember to water our first Christmas tree?! Oh 2012, you will always be so special to me.

Like I said, there's just nothing like Christmas in New York.

until next time,



  1. So happy for you two. I hope you guys have gone ice skating! If I'm ever in New York for Christmas, I'm definitely doing that. :)

    1. thanks, love! we have...just not this year with his injury. i am terrible at it! you must visit & ice skate at some point, though :)

  2. Haha green clothes santa! Happy merry christmas!!!


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