Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wednesday Faves

the breathtaking sky over Manhattan last night. {via}
can i have this blown up to hang on my wall?

this is what it looked like for me when I left the gym:
wild, right?
I joshed on Instagram that I was expecting 
Spiderman to swing around the corner!

But seriously...
I'm really curious if any movies were filming scenes last night. 
And whether or not the director just sent the special effects team to go eat dim sum.

by the way, here are some Wednesday favorites ::

My siblings & I have framed silhouettes of our childhood profiles (do you??). Here is a company that provides them with a modern spin. (they have great monogram pieces, too!)

Celebrate the Banana Republic + Trina Turk collection launch tomorrow night if you live near one of the mentioned stores.

The Gaggle (written by a friend of a friend who is downright amazing!) will be released in a week. Read the beginning excerpt here. (New Line Cinema is making it into a movie!)

Now this is unbelievable ventriloquism.

As the commentator said, here's a chick with some serious 'tude.

I still don't know where I'm living after this month (heh), but hey, I do know that I think this striped rug is cool. And I like this doormat. :)

Have young children? This would make such a special Father's Day present. (psst, here's another version.)

Neon love.

This easy ombre d.i.y. would spruce up any ol' chest of drawers!

It's Wednesday! Let's be more like this and less like this.

until next time,



  1. Nice to run into another Manhattan blogger! Great blog!

    1. Why hello there! Thank you :) Looking forward to following your NYC adventures, too!

  2. Wowzers, how gorgeous!! And I love those last two links :) I want to be more like both! {but more of the second..}

    1. Haha, I'm totally more of the second today! :)


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