Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Links

...and happy last day of summer!

What are you up to this weekend? Doing anything special to welcome the new season? Patrick and I are seeing this movie tonight and then I'm spending some time with my dad! Here a few links I wanted to share:

Let's start with a new Sh*t Girls Say video, shall we?

Visiting NYC? Download your fall 2012 visitor guide here.

gorgeous autumn wreaths.

Choose carefully.

I have a pair of these and I love them.

Patrick, we can no longer complain about how narrow the apartment is. Check this.

romance. (yes, this made me cry.)

Wouldn't this "who wears the cake" game be fun at a wedding?

In NYC? Fan of Suri's Burn Book? Check out the Tumblr Launch Party and meet the writer next Tuesday.

Look at dat face.

What a clever and easy tip for serving ice cream to a crowd.

the perfect fall blouse for under $25.

When cab fares went up.

I'm loving Mane Message's new ombre style hair ties.

and how I feel. :)

Have an incredible weekend, folks!

until next time,


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