Monday, February 13, 2012

20 Best Restaurants in NYC

...according to the little lady!

People are always asking me, "I'm coming to New York City so, like, where should I eat?!" Or if they live here it's more of a, "Crap! People are coming to visit me so, like, where should I take them to eat?!" Although my opinion is ever-changing and the vast majority of these spots are in a small circle of lower Manhattan where I reside, I am confident that you will find something on this list that strikes your fancy. In an effort to share more of my favorite things about this wonderful city, I've compiled a list of 20 amazing restaurants for you to reference.


1. ABC Kitchen
35 East 18th Street between Broadway & Park Ave
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favorite menu items: crab toast, mushroom & farm egg pizza, french toast, salted caramel ice cream sundae
*ABC Kitchen is in the back of ABC Carpet & Home.
Make sure to take a gander!

2. Beauty & Essex
146 Essex Street near Stanton Street
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favorite menu items: lobster tacos, vanilla beignets
*It looks like you're walking into a pawnshop (the back door will open into the restaurant) so don't be alarmed if it seems like you're in the wrong place.

3. Buddakan
75 9th Avenue near 16th Street
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favorite menu items: edamame dumplings, chili rock shrimp, lobster fried rice
*The large table in the picture is where they filmed Carrie & Big's rehearsal dinner in the SATC movie - an amazing experience if you have a large party!

4. Cafe Cluny
284 West 12th Street on the corner of West 4th Street
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favorite menu items: breakfast club sandwich, eggs benedict
*Although I'm not the biggest fan of their dinner menu, this is my favorite brunch spot in Manhattan. 
*Get the fries or side salad (both delicious!) over the hash browns.
*celeb hub

5. Crif Dogs
113 St. Marks Place between 1st & Avenue A
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favorite menu items: chili dog, chihuahua dog, good morning dog
*There is a hidden speakeasy, called Please Don't Tell, that you can only access from the vintage phone booth inside Crif Dogs. Enter the phone booth, dial 1, and wait for them to open the door.
*If you want to make a reservation at PDT, you have to call at exactly 3pm the day you want to go.

6. The Donut Pub
203 West 14th Street near 7th Ave
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favorite menu items: coffee, Boston Kreme donut, egg & cheese breakfast sandwich
*open 24/7
*Read about the history of The Donut Pub here.

7. Extra Virgin
259 West 4th Street between Charles Street & Perry Street
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favorite menu items: butternut squash ravioli, chilean sea bass, truffle whipped potatoes
*They have a great spaghetti & meatballs on Sunday nights.
*Sit outside for great people-watching.

8. La Bottega
88 9th Avenue at 17th Street
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favorite menu item: linguini neri (I get it every time.)
*This is one of my favorite places with outdoor seating.

9. La Esquina
114 Kenmare Street between Mott & Elizabeth Street
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favorite menu item: pescado tacos
*celeb hub
*You will walk into a taqueria. Approach the door with the bouncer, one that will lead you downstairs through the kitchen and into the hidden restaurant.

10. Morimoto
88 10th Avenue near 16th Street
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favorite menu item: crispy rock shrimp tempura, sushi
*Go to the bathroom while you're there just so you can see it. Trust me.

11. Num Pang
21 East 12th Street between 5th Ave & University Place
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favorite menu item: coconut tiger shrimp sandwich
*It's a tiny hole-in-the-wall, but a sandwich you won't soon forget.

12. Peanut Butter & Company
240 Sullivan Street between Bleeker Street & 3rd Street
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favorite menu item: The Elvis
*This is a perfect spot for the kiddos.
*It's right by Washington Square Park; make it a picnic!

13. Pipa Tapas Y Mas
38 East 19th Street near Broadway
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favorite menu items: cangrejo cocas, piggy back dates, red sangria
*It can get a bit loud with the communal tables so not the best for a first date.

14. Shake Shack
multiple locations
image via
favorite menu items: ShackBurger, milkshake
*Want to check on the length of the line in Madison Square Park?
Check out the "shack cam" on their website!

15. Stanton Social
99 Stanton Street near Ludlow Street
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favorite menu items: french onion soup dumplings, chicken 'n' waffles
*The upstairs is fun for a group.

16. The Smith
East Village - 55 Third Avenue between 10th & 11th Street
Midtown - 956 Second Avenue at 51st Street
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favorite menu item: steak salad
*The midtown location is relatively new and just what the neighborhood needed!

17. The Standard Grill
848 Washington Street at 13th Street
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favorite menu items: poached eggs, brussels sprouts
*Save room for their amazing dessert menu

18. Tanuki Tavern
18 Ninth Avenue at 13th Street
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favorite menu items: kimchi fried rice, sesame crusted tuna tataki roll
*It's nestled in a beautiful part of the Meatpacking District on the side of the Gansevoort Hotel.

19. Tortilla Flats
767 Washington Street at West 12th Street
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favorite menu items: guacamole, margarita pitchers
*You go for the atmosphere - think bachelorette party!

20. Westville
3 locations
image via
favorite menu items: I love to make a meal of the long list of fresh market vegetables.
Oh, and try the corn on the cob with cumin, too!

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  1. wow thanks for sharing...i really want to try the one in ABC home...was at the store last week! :)))

  2. you're welcome! :) ooo, ABC is a good one. such a beautiful space, too!

  3. Wow! I'm leaving New York in 150+ days and making a list of all the places I need to see/things to do before I leave - and now I have a bunch of new places to add to my list! Thanks for sharing! :D


    1. oh, perfect! i hope you enjoy any of these you try :)


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