Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Five

five suggestions ::

make something!
the buttons on the back of my work dress were chipping 
which made it look ug & tattered. 
instead of giving up hope and ditching the dress all together, 
i spruced things up with new buttons. ta-da!

do a little home improvement, Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor style.
(so many fab websites!)

take your change jar to the nearest coin counter and treat yourself to a fun meal! patrick & i did that this week with my jar that has been sitting full in my kitchen for wayyy too long. and the weird part? it came to $44.09. we used it for our sushi dinner date and our bill? came to $44.09. (!!)

try a new recipe!
you know you've pinned plenty of them on Pinterest by now. ;)
i want to learn how to make these lemon garlic brussels sprouts.

revamp your planning system.
need a new planner but don't want to wait until 2013?
these ones start next month.
here are ones for moms! plus a home office edition.

i hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
(and a lucky Friday-the-13th!)

until next time,


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