Friday, May 18, 2012

Your Weekend

what is on tap for your weekend?
anything fun?!

pardon my French, but this - in three little words - explains my weekend ahead. but honestly, i'm looking forward to hunkering down and working on different projects. plus! it will distract me from the apartment hunt. how's that going, you ask? well. i found one i thought i liked, scurried to the landlord's office, and was told i could put the first month's rent down to take it off the market. and then i proceeded to have a complete change of heart (and perhaps a meltdown...) and ran away. and am so happy i just wouldn't have been a good fit. others have had exorbitant fees, no ovens (?!), have been rented hours before my scheduled viewing appointment, were scams, or are in no way better than my tiny little abode i have right now. my mom & i walked into a normal-looking building in the neighborhood last weekend and i asked the rent amount for the available studio.

$6400/month. (!!!)

"heh. ok then! i'll be going now."

i'd like to meet the person that can afford that. and ya know, flick their forehead. dear future anger management group leader, this is where it started.

for now, i will be engrossed in happy little projects that have nothing to do with my living situation. :)

oh! and here are just a few gems i wanted to share...

here are 48 things that will make you feel old.

29 unique graduation gifts ideas.

i adore this sign. my dad used to tell me that when i was a little girl!

10 YouTube hair tutorials for the ladies.

i want to make this for dinner.

sound advice for a bride & groom from the bride's parents.

someone needs to incorporate this genius idea into your next pool party.

maybe you need this on your desk at work.

all animals freak out and hide when you pull out the vacuum cleaner. well, except this one.

in honor of last weekend's run-in, here's one of my favorite scenes from Mrs. Doubtfire!

happy weekend, folks!

until next time,



  1. "and, ya know, flick their forehead" - i LOVED that, because that was my exact reaction to that story... I love your blog and couldn't resist commenting! My apartment in Denver is so great, I am always impressed by the stamina New Yorkers have for their apartments because of love for the city. I'm sure you'll find a great place when you least expect it!

  2. ha! yes it seems like we will put up with pretty much anything to live here, right? i bet denver is fabulous, too! btw, your sweet comment made my day - thank you :)


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